A pALS a cALS and an RV in San Francisco…what could go wrong?

If you know my wife, Meg, you know that telling her you can’t or shouldn’t do something, is tantamount to saying “I dare you”. And when she sets her mind on something, step aside. A goal of hers on this trip was to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. She had shared her desire with friends who have lived in or visited SF, and they all emphatically said, “whatever you do, don’t drive the RV into the city!” It’s at this precise moment that I hear an idea pop into her mind. I liken it to the pop of popcorn, in my mind that is.

As we approached the famed monolith, she exclaimed “I’m doing it!” followed by, “isn’t Ghirardelli in SF?”

Yes, I replied, at this moment I realized my mistake…I should have said NO!

Don’t do it…))) reverberated through my minds ear.

Two miles then turn left into The Ghirardelli Experience!

Turn left down a steeeeep hill.

There’s no parking!

Oh well Meg sighs, let’s get back on the road.

… An hour and a half later, our son comes out of the bedroom at the rear of the RV, asking, “are we there yet”?

Meg and I both turn back an yell “DON’T ASK!”

If you want to know why John shouldn’t ask…

Com back for part TWO!


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