ALS Awareness Month: Day 15

*Video demonstration below, turn volume up *

ALS and Technology

Did you know that as ALS takes away abilities you acquire superpowers, no it’s true. Give me a moment to explain.

As we loose the ability to walk, technology allows us to transport ourselves from one place to another, without walking. No genie and no magic carpet. I use one hand to initiate, others use their chin, their head, their feet, and some, get this, they use their eyes. They move by using their freaking eyes.

What is this technology? A powerchair! An advanced electric wheelchair that can do amazing things. Things like raising you to eyelevel to be face to face with others. I call it standing. They recline, tilt, lay flat and with the right modifications they can open doors and call for assistance. Most importantly a powerchair allows us to remain active and engaged in life. If I close my eyes and throttle to full speed, it feels like I’m running.

Augmentative Communication Devices, what the heck is that?!

Gaze into my eyes, no, I mean eyegaze with my eyes. Eyegaze technology, is by far the coolest. It is a computer that tracks the movement of our pupils. The software translates the movement to coincide with the cursor. The user can choose several options to click the action desired. For example, blink, or dwell time. Dwell time is hovering over the icon for a predetermined time. There are some individuals who are very proficient with eyegaze they have written and published novels and books, freaking awesome, right!

Now eyegaze technology also allows us to make phone calls, email, browse the web and, get this, control smart devices in your home. So don’t upset us, we control things with our eyes…superpower!

There is so much more technology that allows us to, well, LIVE. Live as full a life as possible.



  1. Tony · 23 Days Ago

    I’m more concerned right now where I’m going to live. This disease changed all my plans. Now I can’t afford to stay where I am but make too much to get any real help. Not sure what I’m going to do.


    • alstexasdad · 23 Days Ago

      Reach out to
      They can assist with resources. You are welcome to reach out to me personally anytime.


      • Tony · 23 Days Ago

        Sorry I’m in Canada. Some support here is awesome where other is lacking big time.


      • alstexasdad · 23 Days Ago

        Sorry, I’m definitely not familiar with the support services in Canada. Either way, if you ever want to chat, let me know. By the way, the link I shared can connect you to virtual support groups, folks from Canada joine all the time.


      • Tony · 23 Days Ago



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