ALS Awareness Month:Day 14


A terminal disease such as ALS creates a chasm between the life you planed and your new life. ALS also creates a great distance between you and your loved ones.

Though you are surrounded by family and friends, the distance grows with every day that passes. You now live a life of attrition. Attrition of physical abilities, friends, voice, family, breathing. The distance grows.

When you meet others with ALS a connection is instantly made, closing the gap you’ve been experiencing. They know…they know.

They know the solitude, the anger, the fear and the gratitude for being present; in spite of death looming. This doesn’t diminish the efforts of loved ones, who are bravely attempting to reach out across the growing distance. They don’t know, not really.

There is nothing that can truly close this gap, this canyon in your life. Yet there is one thing that can connect you with your previous life and those that care for you. And that is your heart. Love can bridge the greatest distances. Let love connect you to life, to living.


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