ALS Awareness Month: Day 13

Under The Shadow of ALS

Artwork created by Clinton Anderson using AI technology.

Once a person hears the statement, “you have ALS”, a shadow is cast over that individual and everyone close to them. This ominous cloak of uncertainty causes our minds to delve into the recesses of regret. Asking ourselves “why didn’t I”. Why didn’t I, do this, spend time doing, go there, or say…

To this I say, you still can.

As challenging as it is, with the support of family and some creativity, you can. I know, sadly, that for some just enduring ALS is all consuming. If you have the support and adequate resources, including assistance from organizations, do what your heart desires.

I like to say that one must surrender, not to ALS, but to the love and support that surrounds you.

Step out of the shadow of ALS, if only for moments at a time. Grasp the hand being offered, let it pull you out of the shadow and into a warm embrace. With love surrounding you, there isn’t time for regrets.

Here are a few organizations that can help make it possible:

Just to name a few.


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