A pALS a cALS and an RV in San Francisco…what could go wrong?Part 2

Meg and I both turn back an yell “DON’T ASK!”

And now, why John shouldn’t have asked.

Previously-oh well no parking, let’s get back to the freeway…

“Come on Big Blue, you can do it”, Meg coaxed BB up the steep SF hill, pausing for a red light. GPS says “turn left “. This is when I learn machines have a sense of humor.

Have you heard the term, the perfect storm? That’s what ensued.

Several blocks later the GPS, “turn right “, “turn right”. Hey this looks familiar!? “Proceed to xxx street and turn right “.

Having navigated through the narrow semi busy inner city streets; expertly avoiding contact with vehicles, mopeds, scooters, bicycle’s and pedestrians, we turned left. Straight into bumper to bumper traffic as far as the eye could see. “But why”, Meg exclaimed, exasperated.

Okay I can do this, Meg told herself. Being the polite Texas lady she is, she refused to block any intersection with Big Blue and the van in tow. This lasted about three intersections. With the aggressive local drivers it was time for a new strategy. Block every ever-loving intersection if I have to, to get out of this *”@#$ mess!

An hour later we think we’re there, only to find more diverted traffic. But! At this point we discovered the reason for the gridlock!

“Ahh!” We both exclaimed at the same time. Well fudge, we were so busy enjoying northern California that we had not kept up with major events and happenings.

Everything culminated in the Perfect Storm. Unbeknownst to us, we chose to venture into San Francisco on the same day as…

The Golden State Warriors victory PARADE!! What gave it away was the hoards of fans in GSW attire and the blue, white and gold confetti along the route.

Waze, Google maps, nor our RV GPS alerted us to a FREAKING PARADE!


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