CDL Not Required…

Big Blue

Death On Wheels…the live tour
Tales from the road

CDL Not Required!
(Commercial Drivers License)

Ok Mrs. Reyes, we are now going to take your new RV to a location to have you practice driving it. So we tested out the wheelchair lift, tied my chair down and we hit the road. Did you hit an RV course, where they let you test your skills…nope! Did they take you for a quick loop on the highway, like most dealerships? Nope! The salesman took us a short distance to a mega church parking lot, very empty during the week. He proceeded put the 35 foot rig in park, followed by a brief tutorial on the particulars air breaks and gears.

At this point Meg, AKA Captain Intrepid, took the wheel and proceeded to slowly meander through the parking spots and light poles. After a good 3 or 4 circuits she exclaimed, “this isn’t so bad, I’m doing pretty good!” To which the salesman affirmed, “ you’re a natural, I’m impressed.” I’m certain this is a well practiced script, repeated countless times a week, lol. He reeled Meg in with, “ I’v never seen anyone handle a rig this big off the bat, like you!” The deal was sealed and we were the proud owners of an accessible 35ft RV (bus).

Al that was left was to get Meg a CB Radio and some chewing tobacco and she could start her career as a big rig driver. I shake my head vigorously and come to my senses, erasing that last image from my head…what was I thinking!

Ok trucker Mama, time to hit the road! We depart the advanced RV proving grounds with Meg at the helm. This is when the realization hits me, RV salespeople have nerves of steel, just saying. And with this behind us, Meg having received her certificate, suitable for framing, in RV operations was handed the keys to a behemoth land yacht. CDL Not Required!



  1. Joanna · June 18

    Wooo-hooooo! Go with God! So glad to see this new phase!🤩


  2. Christine · June 18

    You might be singing Jesus Take the Wheel at some point.


  3. Grace colette · June 19

    When we got our 30 foot class c, we were told to just expect to hit at least three things in the first three outings. My husband, now PALS, hit our mailbox while backing into the driveway and then backed too far and hit the overhang and gutter on the house. We’ve now put 50,000 miles on it and are always grateful when we get home from an outing that didn’t have an “event”!


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