Going to capitalize on my ALS!

How are you going to do that Juan and Only? Inquiring minds want, ney, need to know?

Thank you for asking!

I will begin a new artistic endeavour, a new art form or medium.

Often after sneezing or just randomly, my nose will drip, like a broken old faucet. Unfortunately, I don’t have the use of my hands to wipe or blow my nose. Making me dependent on the mercy of others for a tissue. When not caught in time my shirt will stand in for said tissue.

I noticed, this morning the pattern on my shirt, much akin to a Rorschach test image.

Cue angelic chorus emphasizing my epiphany…😇🎶

I will create art, one of a kind abstract masterpieces.

I will spray food coloring in my nostrils, induce drainage and allow colorful drops of snot to fall onto a canvas.

I will call it SnArt!!

I can see the gallery now!

Sponsored by: Kleenex, Afrin, Vicks (for my Latin exhibit) and so on.


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