ALS and Joints…

No! Not that kind of joint, that’s another post titled: It’s Medicinal.

So as my ALS progresses I notice little nuances, moreso due to my slow progression. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that my joints are getting weaker, how do I know. They tell me, they whisper to me. I get out of bed and after I stretch I begin my short walk to the bathroom. This is when they softly remind me…

Ankles twinge, knees buckle, hips ache and my shoulders are tight. This is becoming more frequent in the mornings and now every time I transfer, stand and walk. Why is this?

Well you have to understand ALS, as it assaults the nerves and murders them, a bit to dramatic you say. Writers of horror books pale in comparison to the reality of ALS, the ultimate horror story.

So as the nerves deteriorate so do the muscles. In large muscle groups you will notice the joints first, your joints will pull at the muscles as they weaken and at some point they start to tell you; “you might want to reconsider what you’re about to do!”

When as pALS we ignore this warning, this is when bad things happen, i.e. falls, personal accidents etc… Yes I’m stubborn and I put myself at risk, there is no excuse for this, I’m a baaad boy; I blame this on selective hearing when the voices in my head are yelling at me. That’s what sound canceling headphones are for, right.

Pft, what do they know, they’re always arguing with each other.

And Toes🎶


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