Running Through My Mind…

I went for a run today, after waking, through the neighborhood. I stretched then opened my front door and was greeted by a cool breeze and the overcast morning.

I started out the door down the driveway and onto the asphalt, it had a slight sheen to it’s surface from a light drizzle. My feet struck the ground rhythmically, a slight ache starting in my quads, warming up with every footfall and contraction of the muscles. Up the street, intersection… turn left, deeper into the community. Homes on either side, grass glistening as the suns rays strike the green blades. Yards well manicured, with an occasional obstinate weed breaking the surface; as if to declare “I’m still here!”

I continue on my quest for a good stride as I coast through the quiet streets. Crossing the road from time to time to give way to a neighbor walking their dog; politely nodding, “good morning” expressed in the gesture. They respond in kind, as they subconsciously tug on the leash.

I navigate through the neighborhood, left, right, cul-de-sacs and so on. Having reached my point of return, I retrace my course. Again encountering friendly faces, wagging tails and lolling tongues. It’s a beautiful overcast morning, a beautiful day.

I approach my house, come to a walk and begin a brief cool down. Relishing the ache in my legs and the burning in my lungs as my body normalizes. I take one more look at the morning sky before opening my front door, as I do, I am enveloped by the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.

I ran through my mind this morning.

It’s my only way due to ALS. It feels real every time though, no not the running, but the ache in my legs and the burn in my lungs… because of my ALS.


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