ALS Hands…

Hands, something we all take for granted every day, because we simply use them for everything in our lives. If you look at the pictures of my hands below you will notice that the musculature at the base of my thumbs is atrophied. This is due to the nerves in those muscles dying and the muscles end up shrinking. Not the sensory nerves but the nerves that control muscle movement. This leads to a condition called Clawing of the hands.

My hands used to be able to feed me, do handy work around the house, write and type. They used to hold my wife’s hands firmly. Used to grab my kids and tickle them until they cried. They would wrap around my morning cup of coffee. Now I can no longer do any of those things. This is what ALS does, it robs you of the simplest pleasures.

One simple pleasure I miss greatly, turning the page of a book, in particular a paperback. You know one of those dogeared, smells like a n old bookstore. That biblio bouquet that transports your imagination to countless adventures as you turn the pages.

Appreciate your hands and everything you touch, you don’t know when you will lose that ability. When you do, this loss will touch your soul.


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