A Mile in My Wheels

Solely intended to help understand our perspective as a pALS.

If you want to understand what living with ALS is like try some of these activities. Like they say, walk a mile in my shoes, in this case my powerchair.

  1. If you have access borrow a powerchair and spend the day in it. Get loaded into an accessible vehicle and go for a drive, it’s more harrowing than you think. Watch out for those sharp turns!

Hit a retail location and experience being invisible. After you circle the parking lot multiple times trying to find a handicap spot.

  1. Go to a restaurant and wait to be fed, pay attention to the looks you get.
  2. While out and about do a handicap bathroom hunt. Not male or female but a family bathroom that accommodates a powerchair, you will be surprised how few there are.
  3. Don’t speak for the day. Use technology to communicate, phone, tablet, computer or just write. Better yet use a low-tech tool like a letter board (I can send you one).
  4. Place mittens on your hands and go about your day, don’t take them off. Now have a drink, write a note, get dressed.

I challenge you to open your mind and your heart, and roll a mile in my wheels.


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