The sign language of ALS:

Given that most if not all of us lose the use of our hands, sign language is well, impossible. Even so we make due and it gets creative.

Squinting-I need my glasses
Closed-Im reflecting or asleep
Wide open-Im awake
Glaring-Im angry, choking or need the bathroom now.
Watering, most likely being forced to watch a sappy romcom movie…

Wiggling-about to sneeze
Dripping-please wipe
Up in the air-please wipe
Scrunched up… the dog farted

Mouth open-ready for next bite
Looking away-not ready for next bite
Duck lips-please wipe mouth
Mouth open blowing-too hot
Spitting out food-too much, unable to manipulate or caused gagging
Speaking, most likely sharing deeply prophetic life altering knowledge…or straight up BS😉

These are just a few ways Meg Jankowski Reyes and I communicate sometimes, although I can still speak.

Here is one instance the happens often. For some reason if Meg or anyone is feeding me and they put a morsel to my mouth before I’m ready it causes a reflex to swallow. It can cause chocking, this is why I look away, they have learned not to do this, weird, right.

The sign language of ALS…

According to me, TJ&O

One comment

  1. Joanna · February 18, 2022

    So happy your sign language bit starts with 🤟🏽!


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