ALS Hands…

Dropping a cup, how did that happen?

Dropped another cup, weird, shake my hands and look at them, they look normal…

Hmm, my left hand is weak, weird, I hadn’t noticed the hollow area at the base of my thumb.

Now my right hand is weak, what the hell.

After ALS diagnosis the hands experienced the following:

-More muscle loss
-Weak to the point of not able to grasp a tissue
-My fingers don’t respond to my brain
-I can’t bend them
-Can’t spread them
-Can’t open them
-My two index fingers are stuck straight
-My palms are flat
-My wrists are weak (hands flop when I move)

Now my hands are useless, so my family are literally my hands.

I miss my hands, even though I still have them. I miss what they used to do for me and for others.


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