ALS Life… Trilogy BIPAP pro-tip:

Equipment location considerations:

When placing the BIPAP near your bed avoid placing a dog bed near or next to it. Especially if you have an older dog that has a proclivity for highly fetid gastrointestinal expulsions.

The proximity of the pooch to the equipment will directly effect the expediency and concentration of said expulsions. The BIPAP being an efficient and effective device will capture the pervasive proppelant and deliver it. Deliver it to… YOU!

Being dependent on the BIPAP to deliver air to our bodies we are subject to receiving any and all aerosolized ambient bouquets. These putrid perfumes will propagate exponentially as the equipment concentrates them.

Last night I experienced such an occurrence. Which led to an expletives filled outburst by yours truly. Followed by a fit of gagging to near puking. Reminiscent of my experience in the tear gas chamber training while in the Air Force.

I think I now have dog fart PTSD.

No seriously!



  1. Joanna · January 17, 2022

    Hahahahahaha! Headline: Maniacal Laughter Leads to Choking in cALS.

    There are SO many sobering moments in the progression of pALS…thank you for a taste(smell?) of humor. I dearly hope the sound of laughter enlivens your day–it surely has done that to mine!


    • alstexasdad · January 17, 2022

      Thank you! If levity can ease our pain but for a moment, then I offer myself as tribute. Self deprecation is a gift for one and all.



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