ALS Love…

It takes love to survive ALS, well no one survives it, ok… to endure ALS. Love not just of family, but of friends and the community. Sometimes even though love is needed; cALS of obstinate pALS know this all too well, lol…you know who you are.

Yes there those who believe in their hearts that love is too painful to endure and shun it. Don’t stop loving them, in the end they will realize you never stopped. The fact that you endure ALS secondarily with love in your hear, this is the foundation of your resilience.
Strength and courage to continue take root on this foundation.

Love is not exemplified by grand gesture’s, no, it is in fact represented in the mundane.

In the blowing of a snotty nose, after a sneezing episode.

In the helping after toileting, while making light of such a personal aspect of life.

It’s the fierce advocate that surfaces when needed; to ensure every ounce of dignity is retained.

It’s the last touch before we are cured of ALS…

That’s what love is!

(Juan Reyes)

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