You Have Company

A glimpse at life with ALS.

The evolution of ALS and socializing…

Hey folks I have something to share with you as my closest friends; I have ALS…

~What the hell is that?

Well it’s…

~Dude, I’m so sorry, we are here for you. Whatever you need! Let me buy you a drink. This ain’t gonna stop you! We are going to fight like hell!
Hey good to see you, how you been? Thanks for joining us, we wanted to meet somewhere your wheelchair could access. Let me get us a round of drinks.
Hi, how’s it going, been a bit. You’ve modified your home, is it working out for you? We brought a meal. Oh, I’m so glad you’re still able to eat. Yeah we’re doing good, you know busy and all. How’s the new experimental medication working?

It’s not experimental anymore… just new. Won’t know how it’s working for a while.
FB Post: Hey there, sorry we haven’t been by, went on vacation then a huge project at work, you know how it is. Will drop by soon.
FB Post: Great seeing you at the walk! You’ve really gotten good at that eye computer of yours. You looked good.
FB Post: Dude the pics of your trip are amazing. So glad to see you’re not letting ALS slow you down.
Um, hi, I hope you can hear me brother. We are all here…

It’s not anyone’s fault, it is the disease to be honest. Life for all of us continues at the pace our lives require. Friends and even family have a harder time seeing us so vulnerable as our ALS progresses.

In the end we are all just here for each other and that’s all we can do, be present.

If you are a friend of someone dealing with a terminal condition, please visit them. You may just sit in the quiet company of a dear friend. You know what… that’s enough…

(Juan A Reyes)

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