In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month…

A madresita learns her son has been diagnosed with ALS. Not knowing what it is she consults her commadres (her social group). They recommend the best Curandero (Shaman) in the community. Your son needs to be cured of the Ojó (evil eye).

The Curandero shows up at the appointed time, prepared to cast out the evil befallen the son.

What will you do to cure my son? Asked the concerned madresita.

First I will pray to the saints and ask for their divine assistance. Then I will chant ancient prayers as I bless your son with an egg, drawing the evil into the egg, curing your son of the ojó once and for all.

Now Señora, what did you say your son was diagnosed with?

They said it was the ALS.

Oh, Señora this is bad.
Wit the ALS I will need more than a dozen eggs, I think!?

(Juan Reyes)

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