“You Don’t Have ALS, right?”

But you’re still walking and have the use of your arms, whisper~~”I think they are faking it”.

You’ve been tested time and time again and still no diagnosis, are you sure it’s not mental?

I have to admit I can certainly understand scepticism when the professionals we look to can’t label what ails us (Neurologist).
BUT! Who in their right fucking mind would want to fake having ALS, let alone actually having it! Yes disabled parking placards are prolific and we are often reminded, “we can never know what invisible disabilities people have”. Why then question someone suffering what not be undiagnosed ALS.

Are you inhabiting our bodies? Are you able to feel what we feel, know our inner thoughts? Can you know how many times we have dropped something, fallen after tripping or choked on water alone. Have you experienced uncontrollable emotional breakdowns that leave you spent, not to mention questioning your own sanity?

Until you personally experience these, please keep your ignorant and insensitive thoughts to yourself. Do you know how many people suffer for years until a neurologist finally utters “you have ALS”. They don’t need anyone belittling them because “a specialist” isn’t 100% positive it’s ALS. Did you know the average Neurologist in the US will encounter 1, one, uno, ALS patient in their careers. Let that sink in.

Sorry folks just had to, I’ve seen too many posts and comments regarding persons suffering neurodegenerative symptoms being persecuted by of all people, loved ones.


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