ALS & Booze

So, some with ALS indulge in cocktails/brews and such, while others don’t.
And that’s alright, neither is wrong.

However, as ALS progresses the method by which one consumes evolves.

Allow me…
Initial- normal drinking.
Modest- chin tuck perhaps with a straw.
Moderate- with straw, perhaps type of beverage alters, due to throat sensitivity.
Advanced- delivered through PEG by brave family or friends. Good friends will help you even in public, lol.

Another aspect that changes is the math.
No longer do you indulge in: glasses, cans, bottles or tumblers. Not even in ounces.

You now indulge in cc’s or milliliters (ml). As the typical method requires the use of an irrigation syringe.

The decision to continue enjoying the occasional beverage is entirely personal.

Compulsory PSA:

Just remember to “infuse responsibly”.

Also don’t drink and powerchair.


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