I Need…You

(Dedicated to  Caregivers)


I need a hand with pulling my pants up  please.

I need you to hold the glass and straw for me, I’d like a drink.

I could use a shift in bed, can you turn me on my side please?

I’d like to take a nap, can you put my BIPAP on?

I’m done on the toilet, can you clean me now?

I’m feeling anxious today, can I have one of my pills please.

I’m hungry please give me a  shake through my feeding tube.

I’m tired, hold my hand please.


I need you for everything.

I need you to live.

I have you at my side…Thank You!


One comment

  1. Joanna · February 4

    We all need others’ presence, and NOW is all we have. As a caregiver, I thank YOU for seeing ME, not just because you depend on me, but because if the tables were turned, you would care for me as much as I care for you.


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