Hope With A Hopeless Condition

ALS doesn’t own this, there are too many conditions that fall under this to list. Many physical and so many spiritual and mental. I and my family know of ALS, so I will speak only to that.

The moment the words are uttered, “you have ALS”, even the Dr sounds hopeless, resigned to sending you home to die. So naturally you and your family internalize this pulse of hopelessness thrust upon you. Like a dark cloak thrown over your life, it blocks out all light, leaving you to wallow in the darkness.

Here in lies the moment where you must make a choice. No you can’t cast off this cloak, it is now a part of your life wardrobe, added to the many other “fits”, to use current vernacular, you have in your mental wardrobe. The question then is… do you rotate your wardrobe? Or like current teens, wear the same “fit”, until someone says enough! Like a frustrated parent, ” I’m going to burn those T-shirts”, if you’re a parent you know.

Given that this gloomy cloak of despair is a permanent addition to your life closet, how often do you don it and allow it’s false embrace to comfort you? I can’t answer this, only you can. I personally know it’s there, however for reasons I can’t explain, I just don’t care to wear it, it’s simply not my style. Nothing wrong with wearing it from time to time, I know many who simply can’t take it off. This is when help is needed, if you’re open to it.

I for one, am hopeful.
Hopeful for the next moment, the next day, the next encounter. Hopeful for treatments and a cure. Much like rock climbing, with ALS you have to focus only on the next handhold, that next crevice, mentally straining your fingers to hold on. It’s immensely difficult, but don’t forget, if you are blessed to have a good support network, trust your Belay.

Forgive my use of multiple metaphors, they just pop into my brain, lol.

Choose your wardrobe, and as many of us do, let others help dress you.

Trust your Belay, they are there to keep you climbing safely.


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