Diagnosis ALS

Diagnosis: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,l, ALS, Lou Gehrig Disease.

What can you expect?
[Trigger Warning]

Symptoms already experienced (fill in blank).

Plus the following, eventually; timeline-varies patient to patient.

*Loss of limb function: finger’s, hands, arms and legs.
*Above leads to eventual quadriplegia.
*Loss of Speech
*Loss of swallowing
*Difficulty breathing, progressing to mechanical ventilation.
*Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Despondency.
*Challenge your faith, mind, soul, being, and that of your closest support system, your tribe.

Ok that’s pretty shitty, I know, more importantly you need to know.

Here’s the other side of the coin.
ALS will also do the following…

*Strengthen your faith, mind, soul, being and that of your support network.
*Take your breath away as you encounter some of the strongest, kindest, humane beings, others affected by ALS.
*Humble you, by showing you the true meaning of surrender and acceptance.
*Force you to stop or pause your life and learn to appreciate it and those surrounding you.

Sorry to be so blunt; ultimately how you adapt to your new ALS life is entirely in your hands, mind and attitude. Absorb and reflect on the bad, but anchor yourself on what you have not the alternative.

Find the balance you need, it’s unique to each of us, start by catching your breath.


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