Construct-ing Hope

I’m tired, just tired, more than usual. It’s mentally and physically exhausting living with ALS. I can only imagine how cALS feel, drained of life…yet you persevere. Every aspect of life falls on you, regardless of family composition; there’s always one in the family who rises to the challenge, taking the lead like a cALS General. You know who you are, and thank you… Thank You.

Still the weight of ALS presses down, some days we can’t bare it. Retreating into ourselves, taking a moment to discourse internally. When ready we surface, not without metaphorical bruising, aches and pains. How to embrace hope with a hopeless condition, that’s the core question. The solution only exists in you.

What drives you is unique to… you. What works for me may not work for you. Hope, like faith, is a construct of your making, based on what is important to you. My family is my hope; life is best when shared, in my humble opinion.

So put your hard hat on and get to construct-ing your HOPE. Even in hopelessness, there is “hope”.


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