Why and how am I so positive, given that I have ALS. One of the cruelest, unrelenting, take everything one has, disease.

I wish I had an answer, I simply don’t. Am I in denial, one can not deny the obvious, my body is shutting down. ALS by any other name would have the same effect and outcome. Denial, no.

Am I delusional, perhaps, but I’ve always been a dreamer, always wanting to believe in the good we all can do. Spent 21 years caring for others and our nation. Delusional, you bet, one has to be in order to live with ALS.

I can say with certainty that what helps me is…
My wife
My children
My family
My friends
My care team
My fellow persons with ALS
especially my IAA comrades.

All of the above are “my” support, from which I draw strength to live with “our” ALS.

Have a blessed evening.


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