Ominous Portents? Nah

My wedding band fell off this morning, while I was being dressed…

Hmm, it just slipped off my finger.

What does this mean?

Well with ALS, only one thing, weight loss accompanied by atrophy. Regardless of rate of progression, there is in fact progression. ALS reminds you of it’s presence abruptly or subtly, like a ring slipping off.

I could dwell on this and lead myself down mental rabbit holes. Or I can move on, adapt and resolve this development.

It’s not some cosmic sign foretelling ominous portents. It’s just a loose ring.

Nice try ALS, but not today!

I’m heading out to get it sized, I’ll think of it as a tighter hug from my wife. So thank you ALS for the reminder that I am loved.

Have a great day all!


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