I Am…

O, hi there, nice to meet you.

Have a seat!

Who am I, you ask?

Well I am whatever you wish to call me.

But, no pun intended, before you do, let me share “what” I am…

I am independence when I arrive.

I am safety embodied, a relief to you and those around you.

I am the restoration of breezes through your hair.

I am, if you have children/grandchildren, the source of infectious giggles.

I am also a 7 mile an hour thrill ride, when you thought there could be no more.

I am your return to the dance floor at family celebrations.

Lastly my service is complete when you are no longer afflicted.

Charged with your needs in mind, driven by your will, destinations yet discovered.

I am your powerchair!

Hand, chin, feet, whichever way we move, you navigate and eye-drive.

J. Reyes

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