ALS & Romance…[Warning:TMI Post]

Who said a terminal condition ends romance, not this guy!

Allow me to set the scene.

Wife has finished her morning beauty routine, as she prepares to run errands. I am breathless; at her beauty? Well of course, but also because I just transferred to the toilet.

What did you expect? This is ALS we’re talking about!

Where was I?
Oh yeah, breathless!

Our eyes lock, without speaking a word we say “I Love You”.

I say “see you later”, she replies with reminders to not forget a few things she needs me to do. Translation in my mind… I’ve still got it, she needs me.

The romance is still there!

You see, what I haven’t shared is that while this exchange took place I had…not made it to the toilet in time. My caregiver was in the process of wiping my bum, as a result of my not making the throne in time.

You see, even in the midst of a crappy situation, we focus on what’s truly important, our love for each other, and keeping a good stock of baby wipes.

Have a romance filled day.


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