Hi! Here’s a Hug just 4 U

I wish I could reach out over cyberspace and hug, hold hands, re-afirm, just be there.

So many threads of despondency, hopelessness and sheer frustration. Nothing any of us say alleviates this for you, nothing.

We want to scream along with you, At times I imagine many of us are in fact screaming in unison unaware of the deafening chorus it would create if heard by all.

The thought of hearing…

Hang in there

Catch your breath

Have faith

This will pass

Can be insulting, if not for the fact that they are truly well intended.

There is nothing that will help, only time, of which we experience independently.

I wish you well…


One comment

  1. Joanna · March 18, 2022

    The idea of hearing all the sighs, cries, screams, howls puts me in mind of Dr Seuss’ book. Horton Hears a Who. Perhaps a re-read of that book would be just the thing. Blessings, TJ&O!


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