ALS Brain…

I don’t forget things, well not more than usual, my wife would argue though. I’m not in a fog or confused, often. I do occasionally experience an overwhelming sense of doom, AKA anxiety. This typically follows hyper focussing on my illness, not healthy but it happens.

On occasion I can sound as though I’m either very tired or drunk, yeah drunk. Allot of pALS are thought to be drunk due to dysarthria, difficulty speaking. Obviously we are not drunk, well not always, lol.

You see it’s our brain, our brain on ALS. As our ALS progresses it effects the soft palate, the tongue, neck muscles and other structures affecting our voices. So you see it’s our brain on ALS, so don’t do ALS.

It’s not enough that ALS takes our voice, it makes us look and sound like drunkards. Damn this disease, it strips us of so much while creating an outward visage that belies our true self.

So have a drink, or not, it doesn’t matter, strangers will think you’re drunk anyway.


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