A-lways L-urking & S-talking

Just like a nefarious antagonist in your favorite book, show or movie, ALS is now embedded in your storyline. Waiting for that moment where the soundtrack slowly builds to the jump out of your seat shudder! Aha! There it is, ALS, reminding you “it ain’t over till the credits run”.

This is the motivation for ALS, the core of the character; occasionally melting into the background, just an extra on the set. Suddenly propelling itself, making you jump and toss your proverbial popcorn. Reminding you…I’m still here, like a whisper in your ear, yet no one is there—creepy.

My ALS jumped off the screen last night, I’m not a fan of popcorn, so in this case my Raisenets went flying! Having gotten home late after a full day of travel, I was prepared for bed by my wife. Typical routine, but when I stood to transfer to bed, which I still do with my walker, my legs froze. There was that whisper…”I’m still here, this is your reminder”. ALS had just stolen the scene, my legs simply would not respond to my mental commands.

As my wife attempted to help and stabilize me, my legs decided, we are done! I collapsed onto my walker, which rolled away under my weight. Down I went, legs crumpled, left shoulder striking the floor right before my skull decided to test the durability of our tile floor. I distinctly recall the sound of a coconut being struck resonating in my inner space. The shoulder prevented me from cracking that coconut!

As I’m laying on the bedroom floor, my first thought was; my ninja reflexes once again save me from a trip to the hospital! Followed by; I’m glad I went pee before falling. Of course my wife, calm as can be, “are you okay?” I heard your head hit the floor.
I replied, “tis merely a flesh wound”, to which she replied, “you’re fine”.

–And Cut! End Scene!

This has been a reenactment of actual events, no pALS we’re severely injured, perhaps a bruised ego at worst.
Always Lurking & Stalking

This has been a TJ&O Production ©

One comment

  1. Joanna · March 8, 2022

    Great piece! Thanks for sharing your Monty Python-esque life with us. It helps, especially when the Ego is bigger than the overall Scenario.


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