I’m too sexy for ALS!

It’s all about our mindset.
Nothing wrong with a little levity…

I’m too sexy for ALS!

Allow me to illustrate how ALS has made me more attractive, I’m not trying to be vein it’s just a fact. Since being diagnosed my wife, can’t wait to shower me, this never happened before. She dotes on me more than ever, she just can’t be away from me for too long; except when she goes to work all day, goes away on business, go shopping all day, goes out to special events with her friends, and spends hours in her craft room. Aside from those instances she’s at my side constantly.

I also believe my fashion sense Garners more attention then before. I call it casual chic. It consists mostly of loose attire with elastic waistbands and loose-fitting tops. It conserves energy by allowing me the ability to still manipulate these articles when encountering certain necessities. Some folks call it sweats and t-shirts, but what do they know about fashion. It could be this that Garners more looks when I step out or it could be the liquid sexy Spritz I get everyday. Others know it as cologne but I call it liquid sexy…

Now as I just mentioned above I get a lot more looks when I am out and about. Who knew that a power wheelchair could enhance one’s appeal. As I roll around in public I noticed out of the corner of my eye more glances in my direction, is it me or my chair. I choose to believe that it’s me. So you see it’s all about your frame of mind. Not to mention that the biggest indicator is the fact that strange women approach me in public more than before. Yes they come to me and share how they knew or lost someone with ALS, so they say…

Of course I jest, if you can’t find humor in the worst situations what point is there?

In reality ALS patients are beautiful people. As this disease ravishes the body all previously existing outward physical attributes are lost. What you have left is the true essence of an individual. Stripped Away is the facade of who we used to be. You are left with an individual who’s soul has been shaken to its core, someone who has come to terms with their mortality and is at peace. What is left is pure resilience and will to live. What could be more beautiful then this.

So you see, I’m too sexy for ALS… We all are!


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