ALS Mornings…

Open your eyes and greet the day. Stretch, if you can, lay there and contemplate your day. Give thanks for all you have in your life, to include those present in your life.

Get up, if you can, stretch a bit more, do your morning routine and start your day.

Even with physical limitations, this is my morning routine. We are not any different with respect to this. Where it differs is the fact I need help to start my day and throughout.

I desire to help my family with errands and parenting matters, prepare (direct) meals etc… this is my job now. Life continues even when your body cant keep up. With respect to our minds, ALS doesn’t affect this, only a very small percentage. Access to technology makes it possible to remain engaged and active.

So, open your eyes, stretch and start your day with gratitude, it will put you in the right frame of mind.

Good Morning


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