The Language of ALS

ALS: Ameotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

MND: Motor Neuron Disease (term used internationally for ALS)

ND: Neurodegenerative Disease (category of diseases that ALS falls under)

pALS: Person Living with ALS
cALS: Caregiver of person living with ALS

fALS: Familial ALS (genetic form of ALS, hereditary)

vALS: Veteran with ALS

BIPAP: ventilator commonly used by pALS, prolongs diaphragm function.

PEG: Feeding tube placed in abdomen directly into stomach.

Powerchair: Electric wheelchair

AFO: Ankle Foot Orthotic, leg brace used to treat/prevent foot drop.

ROM: my Range Of Motion, term used to describe stretching limbs to retain flexibility.

Clinical Trials: Testing of treatments, in development, on patients, necessary to prove efficacy and safety.

Biomarkers: Biological indicators used to detect disease i.e. lab test. ALS currently has no standardized biomarkers, robust research currently being done.

These are just a few terms you will become familiar with as you begin your ALS journey. Sadly you will soon become fluent in the language of ALS. Don’t get lost in translation, there is one term that needs no translation at all…HOPE!


One comment

  1. Joanna · January 27, 2022

    HOPE is my word for ALL things in 2022! Thank you for the reminder.


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