ALS and Choices.

What choices do you mean Juan and Only?

Well I wish I could say, choices in treatments! But that is still a dream.

What I am referring to are choices in our daily living activities.

I for one have failed from time to time and created unsafe scenarios. I guarantee you as a pALS have done the same. What is the cause of this? Control, stubbornness, fear? I venture to say all the above.

These choices, we must remember, effect not just us, but our care team. For example:

Wearing a catheter, which I resisted, needles to say, it is such a “relief” to everyone! Not having to rush or fear an accident.

Exerting yourself needlessly, i.e. insisting on transferring independently at risk of falling or exhausting yourself.

Using the walker/rolator even after you fall. The fall was the warning that your limbs are no longer able to support you or control the walker.

Three examples of situations that put us at risk, but also scare the crap out of our caregivers. Not to mention the scolding we are in for,😉. I’m sure there are more examples to add and please do, to help us identify them in advance.

There are also many big choices to make, very personal choices. However these daily ones are harrowing now. Ultimately we need to consider others in our daily activities and the choices we make. Don’t listen to that little voice when it’s whispering, “you can still do it”.

When you come too, you may not be where you fell, but in the back of an ambulance.

Make good choices.
Make safe choices.



  1. akmaudy · January 19, 2022

    Thank you Juan. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to use the condom catheter so he doesn’t have to get up so many times at night. Do you have any suggestions how to convince him?


    • alstexasdad · January 19, 2022

      Let me know how I can direct message you and I can share my thoughts and experience. I may just write and share on my blog.


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