Holidays with ALS

What ever you celebrate during this season, one thing for certain, with ALS it’s just not the same.

I used to put the lights up, put together the tree, even decorate the house. Cook up a storm, help my wife wrap gifts past midnight. My one wrap job to her three, lol. But we shared the, even though she may argue with the split. I for one won’t argue that point.

It’s challenging to sit by and watch as the world fly’s by, whizzing past us. As if we are in slow motion and those around us are on fast forward. It seems like this, but truthfully it’s just the way our mind copes with living in a lame body.

Yes it hurts to be a witness rather than an active participant. However, being a witness is still being present. With ALS, being present is what we have left. This is the gift…time, moments, minutes, memories.

What ever you and your family celebrate during this season, I wish you love, peace and many more memorable moments.

From our family, Merry Christmas!

J Reyes

One comment

  1. Joanna · December 20, 2021

    Holiday blessings to you and your family–my heart breaks as I become aware of what may be a last conversation, last celebration with a loved-one.


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