ALS Dealership

Once again my mind went there, strange thought moment…

ALS is like a Car dealership.

What!? Have you lost your mind TJ&O!

Sima Dawn na! Let me splain.

ALS comes in many “models”, different “years”, many “styles”, many “colors” and “trims”.

Getting a diagnosis is like car shopping. Sometimes you visit several dealerships (Doctors). This of course after scouring the inter-webs researching (WebMD), for the model you want (don’t want). The dealership, after you purchase enrolls you in their service program (ALS Clinic). Just like a new car our bodies require frequent service, it also devalues, and lets be honest you can’t turn back the odometer.

As for models, there are slow, fast, middle of the road, one seater, two seater, family size and even models passed down to children.

So you see, ALS is like car dealership… just sayin.


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