PSA: Asses Matter

ALS and your Ass.

Did I get your attention!?

Here’s the deal, when you sit all day in a wheelchair the quality of the seat cushion is crucial. Not just for comfort, obviously, but to prevent pressure sores. This is the true and more serious reason of the two.

The standard, that I’m aware of is the brand Roho. OMG, what a difference, my toosh is happy. My original cushion sprang a leak and the replacement arrived today.

Ahhhhh… Heavenly

Here’s the reason it’s so comfy; it is comprised of 2″x2″ individual air bladders and is adjustable. It’s also custom fitted to the seat of the wheelchair. It can accommodate: mini-toosh, average toosh and above average toosh.

Yes it’s comfortable, however it is medically necessary, I can’t risk cracking my ass.

Have a good ass day!


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