Field Of Battle

We all have a part in the fight to end ALS! Each one of you pALS & cALS is my Battle Buddy on the Field of Battle!

ALS and feelings of inadequacy…

Having physical functions taken from you can be emotionally devastating. This is only compounded by feelings of inadequacy.

We know its not our fault, but these feelings emerge as we are able to do less and less for ourselves. Many retreat into just existing, more or less because it takes everything to just exist. There are some who take on the mantle of ALS Champions, boundles energy and drive. Most of us fall in between the two above. Doing what we can for ourselves and others, perhaps locally, perhaps beyond.

However the inadequate feelings pop up, most often, respective our families. Its very, very hard to sit by and not be physically engaged. Thank you for saying, “but your here, thats what matters”, it is important, but it’s still painful.

Most of us power through it most days. Our minds are in tact, so we think, collaborate and initiate movements in an effort to be more than a fading human.

I try to do my part but I do get overwhelmed. I am in awe of patients and caregivers that have the capacity to move in the stratosphere of advocacy. Thank you for your efforts to affect positive change for all suffering ALS.

Its ok to focus on yourself and your family. This is “the” most important factor. It’s also normal to feel inadequate, just know that what really matters is that you are present with and for your loved ones.


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