America Said…?

Do You Know What ALS Is?

Do YOU know what ALS is?

60% of Americans haven’t a clue what it is.

You mention Lou Gehrig, baby boomers know.

You mention Stephen Hawking, fans of The Big Bang Theory know.

You ask avid football fans who Steve Gleason is, they know.

You mention The Ice Bucket Challenge, a high percentage of chilled participants had no idea why they were actually doing it.

You see, most people suffering from ALS grow isolated; some by choice, most because its hard for others to pause and meet your new pace of life. It takes a great deal of effort and energy to actually get out there and advocate as a patient. Not to mention the effort by family and caregivers to help a patient be relevant to the cause.

So if you run across or meet an ALS patient know this; the sheer will to live, actually live with ALS, is a feat. Take a moment and learn what ALS is. How it takes everything from us. Most importantly learn that we are alive, present and still contributing.

Do you know what ALS is? I do.
If you have a moment I will tell you how I Live with it.


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