Rodeo ALS

Howdy cow-poke, how’s life treating you today?

There are days when it feels like life is on an 8 second timer. You open your eyes, and just like the gate of a rodeo chute, life takes off. Bucking, twisting, turning, flying through the air. You have but one choice, find your rhythm and ride in unison with the beast.

Eventually it will buck you off, but not before it takes you on the ride of your life. Do you fight the thrashing or do you ride the twisting tornado? Do you adapt to the constant and sudden changes in direction?

8 seconds can and often feels like a lifetime. The success of your ride depends on your gear, your team, and your metaphorical grip on the flank strap. Most importantly your willingness to follow and respond to the beasts lead.

ALS…the longest ride of your life.


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