Why We Fight to Live

I was reminded yesterday why so many pALS fight so hard to continue living, given the hell that is ALS. A friend and fellow pALS shared that his eldest child married recently. Something he feared ALS would rob from him. Yet by refusing to let ALS dictate his life, he sets the course.

Moments create memories, memories are the building blocks of our lives. We build our lives by being present, sharing our time with others and being there for other’s moments. So we fight to be present, to have our life’s moments witnessed, and to witness others moments.

We can’t take our physical possessions, our wealth and who knows if we take our memories beyond. But moments, moments are the legacy we leave for our loved ones, so we fight.

We fight to build memories from the moments that we are present in.


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  1. Memory · September 12, 2021

    Soooo beautifully said!


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