Emotional and Menta Toll

The first slap to your soul… “I’m sorry you have ALS, unfortunately there is no treatment or cure”. This exchange, to which most typically respond by catching their breath. Followed by looking around the exam romm for something to anchor us to reality in that moment. If you havent researched ALS, you go to your car and hit medical websites. Only to learn that the Dr was understating your prognoses, in hindsight, what can the Dr really say.

Now begins the true battle. First in your mind and soul, soon followed by progressing physical skirmishes. So do you prepare for battle or retreat?

Next comes, in my mind, the most difficult step second to accepting the diagnosis… telling your family.

Shattered does not justify your state of being. This state continues and never leaves you; a combination of fear, anger and a certain foggy brain. The fog is from the overwhelming amount of information thrown at you while coming to terms with the reality of this horrible disease.

The only thing we can do is step outside of ourselves catch our breath and tag back in like professional wrestlers. Here’s the rub… you are both wrestlers, so when do you really tag out, never!

Learn, know… understand!


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