To All Teachers

To all the Teachers out there.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As this grueling year comes to an end you may be questioning your calling. Questioning why you do it.

Let this parent remind you that our children can not succeed in life without “YOU”!
I know first hand you have had to endure a teaching environment like no other. You have endured the most resistant student body ever, in your career. Students that had little regard for the challenges set before you as an educator.

Yet, you endured their lack of respect, lack of interest, and most of all your students lack of structure the class brings. Please forgive our spoiled children, those graduating are about to wake to the reality of life. It can’t be ignored or Zoomed in, they will have to be present and active participants in life.

So I say thank you for your reticence and resilience. Thank you for shaping our kids minds even as they resisted you at every turn.

God bless you!

Grateful Dad

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