ALS Awareness Month: Day 7

Strange but true effects of ALS.

ALS is devastating, yes, but do you know that it can and often cause the following.

In some instances it can cause paralysis of facial or bucal (mouth) muscles. Making it impossible to express any emotions that reflect their state of mind.

About 5% of persons afflicted with ALS experience Dementia. A double curse for the patient and family, loosing the entire loved one progressively.

Cramps and fasciculation’s (twitches) on your eyelids, annoying as hell.

The hands will either become flaccid or curl up (claws) and lock into position. Either syndrome is made worse by the fact that the fingers simply don’t work.

Bladder urgency, and in a few instances Incontinence. But really it’s urgency most of the time mistaken for Incontinence, due to physically being unable to make it to the bathroom.

Hot flashes, this can be attributed to the amped up metabolism, due to the nervous system constantly misfiring trying to get the signals to the muscles. This is the cause of drastic weight loss in some, among other factors.

Extreme sensitivity to cold. As the body loses mass, it can not insulate against the cold. Additionally since the person is unable to move, they can not generate body heat to stave off the cold.

Drooling (sialorrhea), as the ability to swallow deteriorates the person is unable to swallow their own saliva. Many also experience an increase in saliva secretion or production.

Chronic dry mouth, due to continuous use of noninvasive ventilation, or the BIPAP used to assist in breathing.

Here is one that is going to compel you to ask to see it, but you won’t. The tongue actually experiences fasciculation’s, those pesky twitches. On examination the tongue will look like it’s wriggling.

ALS the disease that is an enigma mixed with the odd.


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