Picking Up The Pieces

ALS has just shattered your world, what now? You and your family are left to do what… pick up the pieces.

Much like every shattered mirror, the pieces that remain, are unique to that mirror. So is ALS, your ALS is unique to you. You will put yourself together, when you come to terms with it. Not the same you, though. Cracks are rampant, just like those annoying muscle twitches, fasciculation’s. Every day you wake and look at yourself, everyday a new you. More cracks, perhaps now missing pieces, pieces of you.

How do you begin to pick your pieces up? First you have to face yourself, yes, you are from this moment on, a different person physically, mentally and spiritually. You now live with the knowledge of what will most likely be your demise. The weight this places on your existence can crush any person. If you encounter someone with ALS, know this. Living with ALS requires strength, humility and above all grace.

Grace is essential for everyone affected by ALS. It is what will allow all affected the ability to navigate the rough waters ahead.

Picking up the pieces also requires arming yourself with knowledge. The internet is rife with information, data and opinions. Be careful, and try to focus on what you need at this point in your ALS. I’m partial to two organizations for essential information and support: https://iamals.org/ & https://www.youralsguide.com/

Now that ALS has made itself a part of your life, you must learn to live with it. Yes, there are pieces of you that are missing now. Yet, you are still the same person, you were imperfect before ALS. Now just a bit more, every imperfect piece of you is still… You.


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