Analytical, Hopeful, or both?

A recent exchange I had with a fellow person living with ALS helped me understand a new perspective. The perspective of someone who is inextricably focused on the analytical truth of ALS. What do I mean by this? Well, the hard truth about ALS is; there is no cure. Scientists are not close to discovering a cure. Yes there are treatments that extend life, by miniscule amounts to the average person, but to those living with ALS, we feel different, well some do.

This individual and I had a very civil exchange, no vitriol, no finger pointing, and mutual respect for each others views. He is angry at the false hope perpetuated from every direction, paraphrased of course. I’m not sharing anything not felt by many. Anger can fuel and drive persons to live. This just isn’t my focus, personally.

He shared, very succinctly, his evidence to support his views, and honestly there is no argument. ALS is horrible, devastating, cruel and yes currently incurable. I and so many are acutely aware of this truth, yet we don’t allow the analytics to be our driving force. But, but…neither are wrong; in this climate of intolerance for others beliefs, we both accepted that our views were simply ours.

Ultimately we both hate ALS and the fact that it will take us from our families. The key difference is what drives us.

My focus is hope, although I’m keenly aware of the reality, I’m still hopeful. Hopeful, if not for m, for those to follow. Despite of all the analytical data, I’m extremely hopeful. I don’t refute the data, I am optimistic in spite of it.

Analytical, Hopeful or both…whatever drives you to live. You are living none the less.

Juan Reyes

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