Words don’t do ALS justice…

A-L-S, three letters that represent so much more than the words they stand for. The slew of words, phrases, and adjectives that these three letters elicit can fill volumes of tomes to rival prolific authors. The web is a maze of words, terms, jargon, and confusion. Rabbit holes abound; therapies, research, supplements, snake oils, watch your cyber-steps.

Words, words, and more words; a deafening cacophony of white noise, none of which affects the ALS, our ALS.

No one can truly understand ALS unless they experience it. Words just don’t hit the mark. Words like…

Trapped! That’s the word that captures all of them. ALS traps us, our families, friends, and anyone that touches its web. A specter no longer lurking in the shadows, it now resides within us.

Look deep in our eyes and gaze at strength embodied. Strength, built on clarity of meaning and purpose, purpose derived from the words listed above. Emboldened by the love that surrounds us to live wordlessly. Our every labored breath, a loud defiant scream at three letters that elicit so much pain.

Juan Reyes

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