I Am Not What You See

I have ALS, but I am not the disease, nor is it me. My body is in a wheelchair, but my mind and soul are not!

As I reflect on my physical abilities, now dis-abilities, I realized I am still the same irascible, stubborn husband and father. So what has truly changed? My perspective, both physical and mental.

The able bodied world accommodates where it can, most often at our urging. The greatest accommodations though have to come from within. Even from our closest family; those that can accommodate us do stay with us, those that can not, leave us.

Ultimately we have to allow ourselves to accommodate our ALS. Accommodate, not surrender. Because we are not our ALS, we are “Us”, still us, just with ALS.

J Reyes

One comment

  1. Joanna · December 30

    Beautiful reminder. Thank you!


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