This is a term that for general purposes we use to describe appropriate interactions/actions with and to others. Modesty is frequently associated with dignity, when discussed. We are all familiar with it’s use under this premise. I would like to share another aspect of this term as it applies to ALS, end of life.

Although this dignity or dignified end of life concept has been present throughout all human history, it continues to be taboo. My question is, Why?

Death is very much an integral aspect of life itself. Yet as a society we shy away from this very real and unavoidable eventuality. Fear, narcissism, ego and many other factors feed and add life to the taboo public perception.

Recently the ALS community experienced the loss of two incredible human beings, who defined their dignity. I am not here to discuss anything other than the strength and courage needed to make such a truly personal and difficult decision.

Take a moment to reflect on the many hours of reflection, conversations with loved ones and the tears shed leading to this. Just imagine.

Given that ALS takes everything, dignity is totally dependent on others. I ask that you also take to heart the amount of love and respect for the individual by the family. That is true and selfless love, which is essential for dignity.

I won’t even venture to say “ I can imagine “ the discussions had. Ultimately each person defines their dignity and we who remain cherish their lives and memories, with DIGNITY.

J. Reyes

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