Hey I’ve got an idea!

Famous first words, right! That’s how this started; why don’t we buy an RV, travel and visit others with ALS around the country. Meg my supportive wife, said incredulously with a trepidation, oh-ok?

Thus the dream was born. We have always enjoyed camping, even had a travel trailer pre-ALS. We believed that dream to be dead, lost to ALS, like so many things. But here we are, RV-check, plans-check, itinerary-check, Murphy’s Law… big fat effing CHECK!! Ad to the mix two grumpy, “do we have to”, teen’s and Murphy is along for the duration, lol…I’m not laughing.

My intrepid wife, after loading all the provisions in the RV, now christened Big Blue, is ready to pull chalks and hit the road! First stop, Van Horn TX, because well…Texas! We intended to stop and visit a fellow ALS warrior in El Paso, alas Murphy had other plans. So straight to Tucson it was, oh what did Tucson have in-store for us? Well, to say the least, heat, an AC malfunction, a blowout on our tow dolly and oh yeah the heat. Luckily we evaded the po-po with our illegal midnight powerchair drag racing, which I won! After a victory lap a quick infusion of milk in my PEG, per tradition, we prepared for the next leg wit a good night’s sleep.

Coffee and after letting River our dog do her business, oh yeah, I forgot to mention, a dog and a kitten are with us. Have I mentioned we like a challenge, lol. Speaking of challenges, in a video I posted saying “Arizona was not done with us” before it abruptly cut off. Well as we arrived in California Arizona’s heat erupted from me, causing a couple of wardrobe malfunctions… well poop!

Needless to say we will be recalculating and adjusting course. First star to the right, till morning!


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